Our Pigs

When you're looking for high-quality pork for sale from the Yoder, WY area, turn to Case Custom Meats. We strive to keep our hogs happy and healthy by humanely raising them in spacious outdoor pens. We're currently in the beginning stages of becoming a Certified Humane Producer by the American Humane Association.

We breed Berkshire hogs at Case Custom Meats. We have seven Berkshire sows and two Berkshire boar. Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed that produce the famed “Kurobuta” pork.

At Case Custom Meats, we make sure to always have fresh and delicious pork for sale. We keep our pigs happy and well-fed their entire lives. Our hog rearing process includes:

  • Corn feeding our hogs and supplementing their diet with natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Equipping our hog pens with corn and soybean self-feeders, and never feeding our livestock growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Raising our pigs in outdoor pens with access to shelter and clean water, never in confined buildings.
  • Providing 10 by 12 feet maternity pens bedded with deep straw for our sows.
  • Making sure our piglets have a protected corner where they can sleep under a heated lamp.
  • Keeping the litter together after weaning, and sometimes joining them with another litter.

We're passionate about caring for our animals and providing high-quality fresh pork to the community. Call us today at 307-286-1626 to learn more about our pork for sale or to place your order for fresh pork.