About Us

Case Custom Meats is owned and operated by Paul and Beth Case, along with their two kids. They also have four legged kids - four dogs - Hooey, Pistol Pete, Zoey and Roo. Case Custom Meats is situated on 540 acres of farmland and pasture 1 mile north and 2 miles west of Hawk Springs, WY. We purchased the farm in May 2011 and moved it out of hay and put a majority of the cropland into row crops. We strive to grow as much as possible of the feed we need for our cattle, hogs and sheep. All of our animals are processed at either Bear Mountain Beef in Hawk Springs, WY or Off The Hook in Torrington, WY.


Paul and Beth work together daily to keep things moving at the farm. The kids also help, but are busy being kids, too. Both kids are involved in Goshen County 4-H, where they show swine, cattle and chickens, as well as enjoy multiple indoor projects. The kids are also active in school, soccer, basketball, and track. 

As a family, we enjoy traveling, eating good food and playing cards. An occasional dance party is also known to happen in the living room. We enjoy making memories and adding to the Case Crew Adventures.


We currently have eight Berkshire sows and two Berkshire boars. Case Custom Meats is in the beginning stages of becoming a Certified Humane Producer by the American Humane Association. We encourage our prospective buyers to visit their website at www.humaneheartland.org to look at their standards.

All of the pigs are housed in outdoor pens/pastures with access to shelter and fresh, clean water. We use maternity pens for our sows to farrow in, that are 12 feet by 10 feet, and are bedded down in deep straw. The sows make their own nest to farrow in. The piglets have a protected corner to sleep in under a heat lamp. After the piglets reach an average of 28-days old, they are weaned. Seven-to-ten days prior to weaning, the pigs are transitioned into the rations they will be fed until their finish weight is obtained. The litter groups are kept together after weaning. In some instances, two litters will be mixed in the pens. Our corn-fed hogs are housed in large outdoor pens with shelter and with self-feeders containing conventional (not Roundup Ready) corn and soybean meal. All of the rations may be supplemented with natural vitamins and minerals at different times throughout the year. We never feed growth hormones or antibiotics.


Case Custom Meats cow herd consists of nine Angus and Hereford cows. We A.I. our cows to bulls that excel in meat quality and growth. The cows are rotated through our 75 acres of pasture throughout the growing season, April-September. After harvest, they are moved to the cropland to clean-up. We grow our own alfalfa and grass hay to supplement the cows throughout the winter. Calves are born between February and March each year. They are left with the cow until 8-months of age, when they are weaned. The calves are put in a pen at weaning with free choice hay and the cows are turned back out to pasture. Once weaning is done, the calves are put back out on grass. Upon the calves reaching 15-months of age, they are put in large grass paddocks and supplemented with ground corn 90-120 days prior to harvest.


Case Custom Meats lambs are raised and shown by local 4-H and FFA members. After the local county fairs are over, we buy the lambs from the kids. We then bring the lambs to the farm and put them in large grass pens where they are supplemented with alfalfa hay, oats and ground corn. The lambs are approximately 8 months old and average 140-170 pounds at processing.