Loyal Customer Half hog Deposit

Case Custom Meats

$ 75.00

Loyal customer hogs discounted $50 per half

Deposit to reserve a half Berkshire hog. Processing dates are set for Late July-December 
2024 . Cuts of a whole hog include chops, loin roast and or baby back ribs, pork steak, country style ribs, pork roast, bacon or fresh side, ham, spare ribs, sausage, fresh ground pork, organ meat (if you choose). Half hogs average 80-90 pounds Hanging weight. Depending on how you get the hog processed plan on 65-70 pounds of packaged product going in your freezer.  The total price on this group is $400 including deposit and discount. This includes standard processing and delivery within 150 miles of the farm. Brats and links are cost extra $20-60 depending on how much you order. Balance is due at time of delivery. Delivery time and place is determined when processing is finished. If you would like to make installment payments for your hog from the date your reservation until delivery please contact us for more info.  Deposits are non refundable. If you choose to cancel your balance can be used to purchase in stock items. 

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