CSA 2019 Chicken Shares

Case Custom Meats

$ 72.00

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By signing up as one of our members, you will receive a share of our harvest. In purchasing a CSA share upfront, our members are investing in the farm - sharing in the risk and reward of all the chickens that Case Custom Meats will produce in 2019. Not only does this relationship provide us with capital to cover expenses, it also fosters a relationship between us (the farmers) and you (the consumer). We hope this relationship will help inform us on how we can best serve our community as we grow our family business. 


What is in a Full Chicken Share?

A full chicken share will get you 1 delivery each month for an entire year beginning in April of 2019 until April of 2020 of 2 whole frozen chickens. 3-5 pounds each plus 2 Holiday turkey.


What is a Half Chicken share?

A Half Chicken Share will get you 1 delivery each month for an entire year beginning in April of 2019 until April of 2020 of 1 whole frozen chicken. (3-5 pounds) plus 1 Holiday turkey.


How will the chickens be raised?

The chicks will be started in a brooder for the first 2-3 weeks of age when they require temperatures upwards of 90 degrees. After that they will be transitioned to the outdoors, safe from predators and harsh weather. They will be feed the Non GMO corn we grow here on the farm in addition to the bugs, seeds and grass they find outdoors. 

    We will be raising White Orphington and White Rock Chickens. They are well adapted to our Wyoming climate and are not the hybrid super birds of the grocery store. Our chickens take a little longer to grow but we believe it is well worth the wait. 


How will the chickens be processed?

The chickens will be processed humanely on the farm in our fully enclosed custom processing trailer. We will vacuum seal each bird using the best bags and sealer on the market today. Our family has been processing chickens for ourselves and close friends for 3 generations. If you would like to come out during one of our harvest dates please let us know! The chickens will be processed and packaged with no added water or preservatives. 


What is the cost?

Half Share $144

Full Share $288


Payment options?

Full or Half Payments

We accept cash, check, credit cards


Other questions? Please ask!



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